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The teacher of Pearson Academic Services is a gentleman of broad and deep education and experience in mathematics, the natural sciences (biology, chemistry, and physics), and history.  He is willing and able to work either via zoom or in person (with some precautions if people are currently exposed) at the students' houses.   The scientific knowledge also includes a good grasp of all of the science taught in middle schools. He is also a good laugher.

We provide either individual or group instruction which can bring a student from virtually zero knowledge in a subject to a high level of rigor and accomplishment.  The philosophy of education is to drive the student towards the best possible accomplishment but with a sense of joy and wonder.




In a year of uncertainty and disordered schools, Pearson Academic Services may provide the necessary ballast to see your child through this year in a better academic position than if the schools had been fully open.

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Levi Pearson

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