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As the founder of The Open Book Tutoring Center, I had a chance to watch Levi in his performance as a tutor with middle school and high school students. One of his skills is a complete mastery of the subject matters (math, science, history). He has a way of breaking down concepts so that they are more easily understandable, regardless of grade level. He will often give examples from life or other subject matters to make learning easier. Another skill is his ability to relate to each student. He always makes sure about having a positive and caring tone in each session which is often sprinkled with humor.

Roger Garrison

Levi has tutored my two older sons over the past five years as part of Open Book Tutoring.  He has taught a broad variety of middle school subjects from mathematics to the earth sciences, social studies, reading, and writing.  When my son works with Levi in a subject, his school marks do improve; and sometimes he shows an enjoyment of a subject he had previously hated.  My senior in high school finds Levi quite valuable in explaining how to navigate the questions of the SAT. I highly recommend Levi's teaching and tutoring.

Kerry Hayashi

I don't often have a lot of good things to say about my ex-husband
but I am duty bound to give him a shout out for his ability to teach
children. Two of our children had significant learning disabilities
and with patience, positivity, and perseverance he was able to teach
one to read and the other to understand and enjoy math. I think the
fact that they continue to enjoy learning as adults is a tribute to
the joy of learning he brought to his teaching.

Mary Frei

When our daughter needed some extra help in math at the high school level we were blessed to have Levi Pearson as her tutor. He was punctual and met the expectations we needed met for our daughters math class. We recommend Levi to anyone who is looking for a tutor to help their children succeed in areas of academics where they have weaknesses.

Frank and Lisa Lopane

I have had the opportunity over the last seven years to witness Levi’s talents as a museum educator and historian. He has a great knack for explaining information ranging from simple to complex while keeping people’s attention throughout the process. Time and again I’ve heard how much people have enjoyed their interactions with him and learned so much while having fun. Levi also has experience as a parent that makes him even more sensitive to a student’s needs. In addition, my husband’s career as a high school special education teacher has gived me insights into what it takes for students to be successful today, and I believe that Levi has much to offer in that regard as a tutor.”

Sally Corbett-Turco
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